Lacey Lee


After graduating from the University of Pretoria, South African-born Lacey Lee set upon exploring the world with her young family, leaving 5 countries and treasured memories in her wake. Ely and Daisy’s adventures in Botswana are fictional, but are loosely based on her daughter’s lives.

Author's books

Josephine Tea
by Lani Donkers
A lovely story. This book has the trials and tribulations of moving as well as the charm of an African fable. It is ideal for families that move a lot. I have yet to find another book like this one.


Creeping through the bushes, sneaking messages through to London, being scared out of their wits, seeking Daddy's prized possession... Yikes! It wasn't easy being an expat child for the very first time! Moving sucks... at first! The Bradley girls' adventure in Botswana oozes hoots of side-splitting laughter, rains tears of sadness in buckets, and even pops out evil and bad people like a sticky piece of vile pink gum. Ely and Daisy Bradley, Tshepo and Loti, had to learn the hard way what the...

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