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Melanie Andrews

Melanie Andrews is a self-taught baker with over 45 years experience, 32 of them professional. Melanie lives, breathes and dreams of all things home baked and has put her money where her mouth is and is the proprietor of the successful Craigard Tearoom chain in Scotland. The original of four tearooms opened in the stunning Loch Fyne in Argyll when Melanie was only 21. Melanie then went on to open up three more tearooms, all producing Melanie's own baking. This was no mean feat and within a few years, her first child was on the way. Melanie juggled a further few children with her tearooms for the next few years and eventually sold the chain with one remaining in her hometown of Helensburgh. Melanie has gone on to sell many baking books and baking DVDs. She has and still does appear on many television programmes in Scotland including STV. In 2009, Melanie launched her very own Scottish Baking Awards in Scotland. This organisation is the only one of its kind in Scotland that regulates and awards great bakers. Each year there is an annual awards ceremony, which is now a must on the Scottish social calendar.

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Baking with Melanie Andrews
Melanie Andrews 


Melanie Andrews is a Professional Chef and Masterbaker and the recipes included in this book are her award-winning recipes from the highly successful 'Scottish Baking Awards'. Melanie Andrews is the Founder/ Director of these awards in Scotland and she produces an easy guide to successful baking, whether you are baking for the first time or a seasoned baker. In her own words - you cannot fail to bake well if you have the right teacher and the right recipe. Melanie Andrews is at the top of her...

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Melanie Andrew

Melanie Andrew’s new recipes are in the market

Melanie Andrews comes up with another cook book to rock your taste buds, ‘

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