Joseph McIver


The author has varied qualities and studied in various subjects, including gaining a gym instructor qualification, and studying Administration at college, but has always, apparently had a knack for writing, which has led to a short booklet of poetry, a book titled ‘A brief history of the world in verse', kept at the Michell library in Glasgow and an idea that he thought may have an interest for children which lead to this book.

He has also won various draughts (checker) tournaments in his early teens, whilst having the ability to memorize games as well as playing 3 games blindfolded at the same time during this period. He was part of a winning team in a youth tournament for Scotland against England, under the excellent personal tuition of James Rankin who was a master of the game, and played in some form against people from America on an ongoing basis in the ‘70s.


Author's books

Martin and the Pigeon


Martin loves going and feeding the pigeons. But he loves to feed one pigeon in particular: his friend, who he calls Peter. His mum is a little concerned about this new friendship. And even more so when Martin says that the pigeon is talking to him! Come and join Martin the boy and Peter the pigeon on their wonderful friendship and adventures.

Author's News

‘Martin and the Pigeon’, receives an enthralling review

‘Martin and the Pigeon’, receives an enthralling review

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