Kirsten Nairn


Kirsten lives in Scotland with her husband, two young children and the usual array of pets that seem to accompany small children. She studied science at Edinburgh University when dungarees were in fashion and Dexy's Midnight Runners could still cut it with the young ones. She should have studied Art and English and blames her guidance teacher whose words ‘what career would you have?' still wring in her ears.

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A Sorry Affair


Jen and Mack are the perfect couple; meeting at university, moving in together and engaged to be married. Then, one day, Abbi turns up on their doorstep and throws a huge spanner in the works of their seemingly well-oiled relationship. On that day, Mack's life is turned upside down and it seems there's no way back. Resigned to the fact that the relationship is over and Jen is selling the house, Mack is forced to go back home and live with his parents. He comes to blows with his father, who was...

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Kirsten Nairn

Kristen Nairn Talks about Her ‘Secret Novel’ with The Scotsman Newspaper

Scientist by day and writer by night, Kirsten Nairn spoke with The Scotsman Newspaper about her love of writing

Kirsten Nairn

‘A Sorry Affair’ called “Beautiful” in a Review

Kirsten Nairns book '

A Sorry Affair book cover

Review Lauds the “Original Writing Style” in ‘A Sorry Affair’

“…characters felt as though they were real people who could be anyone, anywhere…” these are the words of praise for Kristen Nairn’s novel ‘

The Cover of 'A Sorry Affair'

‘A Sorry Affair’ featured on Fife Today Newspaper

A brilliantly told story of love and betrayal, ‘A Sorry Affair’, was featured on the Fife Today Newspaper in January.

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