Joseph J. Pitarella

Joseph J.

Joe is an ex-estate agency owner from Bristol, with a love of Roman history. Being from an Italian background, he is a very cosmopolitan person and has spent his life exploring the world in addition to building his career. Some achievements he is proud of include hitchhiking through South Africa in the early nineties and visiting places such as Soweto and the poorer townships around Cape Town to meet the locals. Joe has love of literature and music. His diverse life has included living in the Canary Islands, Spain and Sweden. He had his own music venue in Bristol and was in a rock band called Aquarius in the 1990s.

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The Hounds of Diana - The Romulus and Remus Trilogy - Part I
Joseph J. 
by Amazon Customer
Wow! That was a good read, I couldn’t put it down. The story is well written and the characters were fab - I’d never heard of Amulius before but he would give Nero a run for his money! I would defo...


Alba Longa is the ancient capital of Latium, on the Italian peninsula. The Roman Empire was born from this great city. However, behind the glory of what Rome became is a darker tale of secrecy, betrayal and death. Numitor is a good man and a great diplomat; his brother Amulius an envious plotter and brave conqueror. Their struggle for power will bring out the best of one and the worst of the other. Only one can be king. Rhea Silva (Lillia) is the daughter of Numitor, her first son will...

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‘The Hounds of Diana – The Romulus and Remus Trilogy – Part 1’ receives an Amazon Review

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