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Author Becky Robbins has published three books and has written several more. Her love for children and animals inspire her to write. Other than writing books, Becky's hobbies include making decorative wreaths, gift baskets, and refurbishing old furniture. She said, "Creature Teacher is a count and rhyme book. I feel like the reader can learn how to read, rhyme and add with the help of animals such as pigs, turtles, kitties and even spiders. Creature Teacher is unique because you can sing the words while you read. Children love music and it makes learning more enjoyable. Educating children is very important to me these children are our future leaders."

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Creature Teacher
by Laura Sarjeant
I was kindly sent this book by Austin Macauley Publishers in exchange of an honest review. My 2 year old daughter and I love this book. She gets very excited listening to the poems whilst waiting...


‘One little birdie sits in a tree,One little birdie wild and free. Singing a song heard by all,Singing a song where the trees grow tall.' Becky Robbins presents Creature Teacher, a fun way to teach children how to count to ten!Featuring rhymes and colour illustrations, it is ideal to read together.  

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Calling all parents! Helpful reviews of Creature Teacher by Becky Robbins

Calling all parents! Helpful review of Creature Teacher by Becky Robbins

If you’re looking for a children’s book with learning elements, Creature Teacher

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