Richard Skinner


The author was born in India to missionary parents. He attended school at Eltham College and obtained degrees at Newcastle University and Imperial College, London. He has worked in various parts of England and Wales as an environmental and farming consultant. He is married with three sons, and has two grandchildren. His hobbies include reading, painting, gardening and playing the saxophone.

Author's books

The Diary of a Junior Detective/ Ben Baxter's Private Diary


It's Ben Baxter's 11th birthday, and he is particularly thrilled by one of his presents. An aunt has given him The Junior Detective Manual by Ricky Barton. He dips into it and decides he would definitely like to become a detective. His pal Johnny agrees to help. They decide: what could be easier than becoming store detectives?They enter a large store and start looking for possible thieves, catching the eye of the resident store detective who is convinced they are up to no good. Luckily, after a...

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