Michael Sykes


Michael Sykes joined the Royal Navy from Sheffield as a boy and later joined Submarines. He left in 1987 as a Lt. Commander and after directorships in both public and private sectors, he went to Croatia then Slovenia with his wife, Cathy, and opened a language school and translation agency for 15 years as well as examining for Cambridge University. From 2010, he Chaired a large Anti-Piracy company and travelled extensively on business through Europe and Asia.He has spoken at conferences about privatisation, English, and piracy, been interviewed by the BBC, and written articles for papers and journals. His home is in Hampshire.

Author's books

Why the World is Speaking English - A Sideways Look


Two revolutions are happening now in the 21st century. One is the explosion in cross-world communication and travel. The other is the acceleration of English as a world language. Why the World is Speaking English gives facts, opinions, speculation and observations on the growing use of English, its creation, growth and spread, strengths and controversies, competitive advantages, cost benefits, and suggests that now is probably a ripe time for a world language.It can inform, provoke, infuriate...

Author's News

Why the World is Speaking English – A Sideways Look

Portsmouth Evening News Interviews Michael Sykes about his Fantastic Book

Michael Sykes and his book, ‘Why

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