Paul Titus


The author was once an orphan and he sees education as the only way out of poverty. The book covers many aspects of the real and untold experiences of growing up in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is an experience of being raised in a village setting with different sets of cultural beliefs, lifestyles, food, climate and value systems.It also comparatively covers the author’s life, studying and working in New Zealand, where he came to appreciate differences; not only at the socio-economic level, but also in how people see the world through their own lenses.

Author's books

Sibougo: Born in a Pig's Hut


A story of an orphan who grew up in a remote village of New Guinea Highlands in Papua New Guinea. His father died prematurely and his mother married another man. He sees education as the only way out of poverty and the disadvantaged background. With the support of his extended family and friends, he is able to complete his primary, secondary and college education in Papua New Guinea. He receives a scholarship to study in New Zealand and shares his experience of studying, working and living...

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