D.F Wade


D. F. Wade is the pen name of a Brisbane-based writer and police officer. He is a graduate of Queensland University of Technology's Master of Creative Industries program, majoring in Creative Writing.He holds a Bachelor degree in Policing through Charles Sturt University, spent 10 years with the Australian Army, and served as a United Nations Peacekeeper.

Author's books

Kelly's Divide
by Cyndy
Fabulous read, thoroughly enjoyed it , read it in a day & half , couldn't put it down


I thought of Mitch, gunned down by a crazed speed-freak out to make a name for himself, and my anger turned to rage. I became detached from the world around me. A world I no longer recognised. And in that moment, in that infinitesimal space in time when thought becomes action, between the firing of a neuron and muscle contraction, I threw myself over to the darkness... I pulled the trigger. They were out for my blood, and who could blame them. But even without Natalie, or Mitch, life was much...

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