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A. M. Houston

A. M. Houston trained as a nurse and midwife and then focused on public health by training as a health visitor. She worked in the National Health Service in the UK for many years. A.M. Houston became interested in health research and left frontline practice to concentrate on community and family health and completed her PhD at King’s College London.  


Dr. A.M. Houston returned to frontline community service and developed a special interest in child development, early learning, developing practice and most of all helping families with their pre-school children.  Throughout her early years’ work, A. M. Houston passionately believed in the importance of reading to pre-school children as a valuable initial part of a child’s progress into education.

Author's Books
Rags and Shadow to the Rescue

Rags is a young Bedlington Terrier who loves exploring nature and going on fun adventures. In this tale, you can join Rags and his wise, elder dog friend Shadow on a big adventure in the Bluebell Woods.As Rags goes for his daily walk, he discovers the wonders of the woods - spotting wildlife like a ...

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Counting with Rags in the Bluebell Wood

Rags is a spirited terrier who loves to explore every nook and cranny of the enchanting Bluebell Wood. Always alert, he’s keen to discover what’s around the next bend, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Yet, Rags has been taught by the Guardian to observe without disturbing the ...

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Rags and the Adventure with Mrs Fox

Rags is blossoming into a charming character who simply adores the company of people. He’s always eager to greet anyone he encounters with a joyful ‘hello’. On one memorable occasion, Rags approached a man by his garden gate, eager to make a new friend. The man, touched by Rags’ friendly ges...

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Casebook: The Life and Times of a Health Visitor

Everyone experiences struggles and challenges at some point in life. In the UK, if you have children under five years of age, you have the opportunity of support from a highly trained health professional called a health visitor. This often-misunderstood postgraduate role involves helping families to...

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Good Boy Rags

Rags is a special puppy who likes to find things and has a lot of adventures. You can go with him on his adventures as he learns about the world. Can you find all the hidden things that Rags searches out? Rags loves his walks in the Bluebell wood where he meets his doggy friends. Rags loves to sniff...

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