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While we remain committed to giving underrepresented writers access to the publishing world, our pride and reputation rest on the books we publish. We must, understandably, uphold certain criteria for any book we select. These include having a knack for storytelling, a compelling plot and well-developed characters, as well as some awareness of the book’s target readership and audience. Click here to submit your work to us.

Partnership Publishing

As a partnership publisher we differ from self-publishing and traditional publishing. The partnership publishing model gives us the option to offer both standard and partnership contracts. Every manuscript submitted is reviewed by our editorial team, after this we would either offer a contract or decline the opportunity to publish the work. If you are offered a contract, all contracts include paperback and eBook formats (where appropriate) and dependent on the title we also have the experience in publishing audiobook and hardback to meet the criteria of the book. Royalty rates are in line, or even higher than average for publishers with a combined digital and print royalty rate of 60% or above, although there is no standard royalty rate in the industry among independent publishing companies.

Open Submissions Policy

We have an open submissions policy which allows us to support emerging writers that have credible well written stories but have not been given the opportunity to highlight their titles in the market. In recent years, there continues to be more published books on the market which has made it competitive to get published. Whilst some look to self-publish, others can take confidence in alternative routes like partnership publishing and at Austin Macauley we look at every title individually to identify how we can work with you.

From typesetting, editing and design to distribution and marketing, a contract with Austin Macauley Publishers includes the essentials needed to enhance the potential of each title. To find out more about what to expect with an Austin Macauley contract please see our Become an Author page.


UK Book Publishing | Austin Macauley Publishers

Our mission is to bring your passion to the page and beyond. Be it by using the latest technology or starting literary conversations, we want to be a valued part of publishing, both in print and electronically. We want to demystify the world of publishing so that all your voices can be heard around the world.


Giving writers an opportunity

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your book published. That’s why we at AMP accept submissions from new and experienced authors alike: handling each step in the publishing journey and collaborating closely with you, from assisting with unfamiliar elements of the production process to delivering the final book to the reader.

Producing a book you are proud of

We are invested in producing a professionally designed and printed book. We read, edit, advise, print, publish and realistically guide you through the publishing journey so you, as the author, can look forward to seeing the finished product of your book.

Getting A Book Published | Austin Macauley Publishers

What can you expect if you are offered acontract with Austin Macauley?

Publishing &Distribution Services

Publish A Book | Austin Macauley Publishers
  • Paperback and eBook curation
  • eBook conversion
  • eBook distribution across 5 major worldwide outlets including Kindle & Kobo
  • Up to 25 complimentary paperback copies
  • ISBN assignment
  • Upfront short run minimum of 100 books for sales and marketing
  • Print-on-demand availability through our partners

Editorial &Design Services

  • Copyediting (if applicable)
  • Page design and typesetting
  • Custom cover design
  • Illustrations (if required)
  • Proofreading
Book Publishers UK Accepting Submissions | Austin Macauley Publishers

Marketing &Promotion Services

UK Book Publishers Accepting Submissions | Austin Macauley Publishers
  • Full Social Media Guidance and brochure of contents for online author branding
  • Royalty of up to 60% combined eBook and Paperback (dependent on contract)
  • localised or national strategy of outreach to press, bookstores, reviewers, and libraries (subject to author content or genre)
  • Marketing support

Author Support &Management

  • Subsidiary rights management from our dedicated rights team
  • Title and metadata management
  • Direct selling through the publisher's official website
  • Continued ongoing management of your book for the full lifespan of your title
Author Guidelines For Manuscript Submission | Austin Macauley Publishers

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