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Alberto Martin Garcia

Alberto M. Garcia practiced as a general surgeon in Toronto, Canada. He also studied western philosophy at Toronto University. Philosophy, particularly Greek, has been a dominating interest for him. Later, it has been Hindu philosophy, particularly Advaita Vedanta and non-duality.

Publications: Sleeping, Dreaming, Awakening (Sofia 2008), Frithjof SchuonandAdvaita Vedanta (Sacred Web, 26: 2010), Unmanifest-manifest, Becoming-Being (Prabuddha Bharata (2019).

He is also the author of a book of poetry (2007), and another book in Spanish, Por el Camino de Santiago (2003), a sustained reflection on the spiritual path (the “inner journey”).

Author's Books
Duality & Non-Duality

Alberto Martín has spent many years studying and practicing Christianity, Sufism, Buddhism, and Advaita Vedanta (in that sequence) plus, at one time, the religion of the Crows (a native tribe of N. America). “For me, it has been universalism all along ever since I read Plato when I was 15 years o...

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