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Alice Weil

Alice is half-American and half-German. She grew up in Colombia and attended a French and German school, therefore being fluent in four languages. She has three children and seven grandchildren. After having travelled all over the world, she immersed herself in the spiritual teachings of India and lives by these teachings which have enabled her to serve others thus living her Dharma, or life’s purpose. This is her first novel.

Author's Books
Mother Nature and the Agent

Mother Nature has issued human beings various warnings over the years, some subtle, some not so subtle; messages she intended to wake us up with, ones that would stop us from directing the planet onto a path that, some say, might already be irreversible.Unfortunately, these messages have largely ...

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Survival: A Story of Friendship

It is a true story based on 13 years of research: the story of friendship between a Jewish boy, Freddy and his Christian friend, Helmut (who are separated by the political turmoil of the aftermath of the First World War in Germany), who obliged Freddy and Freddy’s family to seek refuge in France. ...

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Survival: A Story of Friendship – Part 2

Survival: A Story of Friendship – Part 2 is about the voyage Freddy and his mother, Helene, take to escape Europe and the ravages of World War II. After promising Sigmund on his deathbed that they would reunite the family in a peaceful and friendly country, they make their way via ship to Colombia...

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In 1990, Alice Weil was kidnapped in Colombia and held captive in a dark, windowless cell for 269 days. She tells the story of how she found the resources hidden deep inside her to survive captivity without taking her own life, losing her sanity or developing Stockholm syndrome. Instead, she was a...

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