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Alison Simone

Alison Simone is a qualified counsellor and lives in Cheshire.

Having experienced some of the issues raised in this book and herself benefiting from counselling, Alison then felt empowered to improve her own situation and so embraced adult learning in her later years.

Becoming qualified as a counsellor, allowed for a sense of reason and purpose, and so now, Alison wishes to share this positive energy with others by furnishing them with the tools and knowledge that they too can achieve, similarly, and so bring about inner peace.

Author's Books
It Is My Garden! So, I shall Tend to It Myself

Have you ever wondered who you are? Or, if you could be exactly who you want to be?All too often people present to the world, a representation of themselves which has been constructed from others‘ agendas!How would it feel to go on a journey of self-discovery, and connect with your authentic self...

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