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Amr Salem

Amr Salem was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt in 1998. For a long time Amr had a burning passion towards films, TV shows, and comic books (and eventually novels). Stephen Amell’s Arrow was the first show that got him thinking about stories and how to write them. During that time, 2015, Amr began writing his first project; Wolfman. Wolfman started off as a hobby, an ongoing comic book series and universe that he created on his own when he was 16 years old. Two years later, he began taking things seriously, funding his project for editing and illustration as well as writing his first screenplay; Love’s Quest. During that time Amr reached out to former DC Comics editor Harvey Richards, who joined the Wolfman team and helped take it to heights Amr hardly ever dreamt of. Later, Amr expanded in ways he never imagined, and came up with many more projects besides his initial two, Wolfman and Interpreting Dreams, including screenplays, novels, and of course, more comics. Amr spends most of his day creating and writing because there’s nothing more he’d like to do with his time. Being a huge fan of comics, novels, tv shows, and films, Amr realized how they could bring out a lot of feelings from the audiences, teach them, and have them relate. Since then, it’s been what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and what Amr has to offer for the rest of the world. Follow him on Instagram @wordsmithsalem, to learn more about his projects! 

Author's Books
Interpreting Dreams

“It is untypical that I am able to reveal myself to you. From the previous types of dreams I’ve stated, this isn’t any of them. This is something else entirely. I’m not sure what to call it exactly, but anyway, I’m here to help. Here to help you get to the bottom of your dreams.”Dr...

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