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Ana Ciumac

Ana Ciumac was born in a very small country in Europe, Moldova. She comes from a large family, youngest of six. Her mother had an uncapped passion for the art of storytelling, thus had an infectious influence in Ana’s storytelling journey. She has always loved creating her own bedtime stories for her two daughters, always raw and unpenned. She started telling her wonderous stories to her first grandchild, Julian Nicolas when he was barely one year old. As soon as he could utter words, he told his grandma that one day he’d love to tell these stories to his own grandchildren – the moment when the written word of Ana’s storytelling has now been born. Ana will pass on her storytelling to the next generations to come.

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At bedtime, Julian spots two large eyes studying him through his bedroom window. The boy looks just like him, but of a different colour, a different race, of a different world. The boy is Neptun. With his mum’s permission, Neptun takes Julian on an adventure through our solar system, introducing t...

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