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Ananda Abeysinghe

Author, Ananda Abeysinghe has a diverse life experience. He has lived in three countries of different cultures and has worked for numerous different employments. He had an extremely poor childhood in a remote village with no outlook for any bright future. Nevertheless, he has managed himself studying computing science in 1976, a topic which wasn't known those days to that area. He did migrate to Australia in 1985 and has worked in many places. He was an IT consultant for an international securities incorporation in Tokyo (1997). Once this bubbly bloke brave on a big stage, to talk about his life, broke down in front of thousands of fellow passengers (Sea Princess cruise - May 2017). He was trying to tell his experience of migrating to Australia but the best part couldn't be told. Ananda loves karaoke, has travelled extensively and is passionate delivering values for the world. That love made him involved in politics while he was in Sri Lanka and served as a central committee member of a prominent trade union (1978). He was young and restless then. His first book was to tell people he had left behind, look beyond boundaries and be brave breaking rotten rules dumped into their sculls. Perhaps, he was too tough then suggesting turtles to fly instead living underwater just because of their hefty heritage. His second book was in a similar theme but primarily limited to atheists. This book is written for everybody regardless of their religious belief, political affiliations or cultural background. Ananda has received a Golden Wheel award for Taxi Driving (1996), and he is proud of this honour because he was behind that wheel only for a few months. This award demonstrated his passion and capability in delivering services. His other social services include sponsoring a child abroad, accommodating an exchange student and worked as a community radio program coordinator (2XX - Canberra - 1999). Author, Ananda considered himself as a special kind of atheist, a kind of agnostic, as he respects and values every religion but do not wish to attach to any. This explains how he is capable of detecting hidden values out from religious philosophies. This book exemplifies that gift. Ananda believes learning from school is not enough. His profound perspective of 'material discipline', as on this book, predominantly came from his travelling experience. He says, "It took a long time for me to see the light. I was wondering why some slovenly souls signed self on seeing remote locations but keep winging about poverty, viruses, and slow pace instead checked into luxury hotels paying less." He further says, "Answers such as stupidity, supremacy, ignorance, or mistakes are not good enough because those judgements carry little value. I look for something useful, not to accuse others." Ananda is a funny fellow finding ways to controvert conventions. He keeps his distance from gossips, religious preaching and single-sided politics. He values idiotic humorous dialogues but avoids side-taking talks. He was a teacher for the most prominent Islamic school in Colombo and was an administrator to a residency of Buddhist monks. Now he is mixing religion with materialism to brew this Bubbly Bottle.

Ananda Abeysinghe
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