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Todd L. Anderson

Todd is a lover of words, poetry, literature, and has always been interested in comics and books for children. He has many hobbies and is always exploring with curiosity. He follows the words of fellow literary enthusiast, Lyle C. Hannery, who shared: ‘It is not enough to love books. One must love books well, and honourably, and true.’ As a father of five sons, he has had many bedtime reading opportunities and is excited to share this book with everyone who receives it. Enjoy!

Todd L. Anderson
Author's Books
Things That Go Bump in the Night

Delve into a tale that captures a young boy’s bedtime anxieties, beautifully soothed by the warmth of family bonds. As night falls and bedtime approaches, his vivid imagination embarks on a journey familiar to many, moving from apprehension to reassurance.Readers of all ages will find themselves d...

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