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Andrew Giuliano Lo Russo

Andrew Giuliano Lo Russo currently lives in Southern California. Originally from Milan, Italy, he spent the majority of his life in the United States, frequently travelling back to Italy to visit family. Having grown up away from relatives, he has always felt a disconnection from life and is in constant search for his true self. This life-long exploration has found its way onto the canvas, music and most profoundly in poetry.

He began writing poetry over 20 years ago as a method of recording his deepest thoughts, emotions and fears. When he writes, he feels overtaken by an unknown energy – an energy forcing him to search for life’s mysteries and delving deeply inside his consciousness. He views his poems as tiny capsules capturing particular thoughts in time, grasping for the unknown, pondering true love and often questioning its existence.

Author's Books

This story is about the struggles of a young man who is running away from his destiny; a destiny filled with expectations to follow in his father’s footsteps.His father is a prominent figure in their society and it is up to his son to become a beacon of hope after their homeland is devastated by a...

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The Pursuit of Love

Andrew Giuliano Lo Russo spent the majority of his life pondering the mysteries of his deepest emotions. Without any outlet to express himself, he slowly found comfort in using painting and music as a method of exploration. Although these mediums were useful, it wasn’t until he began writing down ...

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