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Andrew Tomlinson

Throughout Andrew’s life, as early as he can remember, he has always had a creative and wild imagination. However, one terror-inducing nightmare that always remains close to the surface of both his conscious and subconscious is that of the undead, Zombies, or “the walking dead.” They have, since he can remember, both fascinated and terrified him. The reason being that they are the pure manifestation of our own selfdestructive nature, boiled down to its purest and most primal form, and have the capability to be our slate wiper, our extinction event. Add them into an apocalyptic survival situation, and the scenarios are infinite. Within Dead Plague, he has written a few scenarios that show, through his eyes, how such an event can affect each and every one of us.

Andrew Tomlinson
Author's Books
Dead Plague

Warning: do not read this book if you are of a sensitive disposition!Within this book lies a collection of short stories each different from the other but all connect with aspects of horror, suspense and survival, set within a post-apocalyptic world, where the dead have risen from an unknown viral o...

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