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Anna Mills

Anna Mills is a married retired lecturer and counsellor. She started writing at an early age inspired by her relationship with the natural world. Her career as an author includes works in anthologies, poetry and short stories. She is the author of Second Chance Beyond Berlin; Resilience Untold Secrets and Live Another Day. She enjoys live music, drama, art and creative pursuits. Her family is a constant source of support. In this novel, she explores the ever-changing need for survival in a hostile environment.

Author's Books
Melancholy of the Heart - Echoes on the Wind

From an early age Ruth had always struggled to fit in. Her only solace was provided by the abundance of nature she enjoyed living by the beautiful North Cornwall coast. She took pleasure in seeing the resilience of sea pinks, small pink flowers clinging to the cliffs and the warm coconut aroma of vi...

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Rag Tag Children of the Gloom

Picture a disparate group of children living hand to mouth in fear of being captured by the alien race that has decimated their homeland. Food and safety is a distant memory. Dirty and feral, with aching limbs and open sores, their only solace is their bond of friendship with each other in an other...

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