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Antonina Irena Brzozowska

Antonina Irena Brzozowska was born, grew up and was educated in the north of England. Coming from Polish extraction, she has a strong interest in the culture and traditions of Poland. Currently, a supply teacher she has taken immense pleasure in writing, reading and travelling.

Author's Books
'King' Kamehameha

What would you do if a pooch suddenly arrived at your castle door and claimed to be the true sovereign?‘King Kamehameha’ was well and truly settled in his castle, with his paw firmly under the table, and with one Toni as a possible contender to his self-made regal status, there wasn’t a proble...

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'King' Kamehameha Goes to Hawaii!

‘King’ Kamehameha is finally going to Hawaii on his jollies!But things do not go smoothly. There is a crown snatcher lurking about, not to mention big, black smouldering cauldrons, gruesome looking savages, and the chief, Ali’i nui who, incidentally, has captured Toni’s eye.All is not well. ...

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'King' Kamehameha's Dilemmas

‘King’ Kamehameha’s sole interest in further securing his blissful existence is sprinkled with adventures and unavoidable challenges. All is going smoothly until, one day, Toni, his long-suffering owner, decides she wants to find herself a hubby and potential stepdad for ‘His Majesty’. Thi...

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Another Time

Set in three continents, over an eighty-year span, this is a story of loss, guilt, shame, deception, love and the ultimate struggle for survival.Unable to accept his lot in life, in the midst of the desolate and desperate backdrop of Siberia, Stefan Jablonski plunges into a destructive spiral of bet...

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Lokemele's Quest

An emotional and deep journey in which Rosemary (Lokemele) introspectively fights with her personal demons.Will the pain of betrayal, loss, temptation, and the forbidden fruits of love haunt her until her dying day?Will a guilty secret be her ultimate downfall?What role will Keoki play in her life?A...

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Isabella Krakowska set out on her quest to becoming the person she was born to be.But, do dreams ever come true?Do ambitions ever satisfy the soul?Does love really exist?And who, or what, are the sentinels? What part do they play in Isabella’s life as she struggles through the mire of her misfortu...

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