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Atlas Higgins

Presently I have more time as an artist and writer after early retirement as a therapist and lawyer, for which I wrote professionally. I have been painting since I was 12 years of age and later an interest in writing poetry and then children’s stories developed. When our four daughters were younger, I made up imaginative bedtime stories for them and found that they captured their interest. When grandchildren came along, the same – the stories captured their interest, and after encouragement from family, led me to the possibility of being published.

Atlas Higgins
Author's Books
Zeke and Buggy the Mosquito

Zeke loved going to the pond to float his small sailboat in the water. There was only one problem with the pond: there were annoying mosquitos.! And “Buggy” the mosquito got a ride into the house in Zeke’s jacket hood – all the way into Zeke’s bedroom. Buggy mosquito thought, Ha! I will ge...

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