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Audrey Shamy

Audrey is married with four adult children and eight grandchildren. She lives in New Zealand. Being a grandmother has given her a fresh understanding of what is important to children and gave her the impetus for writing Henry Pugh’s Wiggly Tooth. Before retiring Audrey worked as a specialist nurse in hospice/palliative care both in New Zealand and in Colorado, USA. She enjoys reading, playing golf, music, movies and travelling with her husband. Most of all she loves spending time with family and friends.

Author's Books
Alexander Pugh’s Super Saturday!

Alexander Pugh (“Alex”) felt a burst of excitement! Today was going to be his ‘Super Saturday’! Thoughts about what might happen made his tummy feel delicious and his mouth water, as he and his dad walked quickly to the car. What could he be imagining? Alex was dropped off at a house and he ...

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Henry Pugh's Wiggly Tooth

Henry Pugh’s wiggly tooth is firmly stuck and he is desperate for it to come out! Meanwhile a tooth fairy is impatiently waiting to collect the tooth…does she do anything to help? Henry and his friends come up with an exciting plan. How will Henry’s pesky tooth come out?...

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