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B. Wilkie

It was while I was at school that I kind of fell in love with writing not that I knew it, kids would play games and I would go into a quiet corner and let my mind wander with dragons, pirates even cowboys and Indians.

Funnily enough, it was never about the people in my mind stories that I concentrated on, but their backgrounds, dragons would be setting fire to everything, pirates would be looking for islands to bury their treasures, and cowboys would be making friends with Indians.

I realised that I would rather write than go out with friends, I started to look through what I had been writing and started to add lines to make the stories more interesting.

B. Wilkie
Author's Books
Aphrodite's Kiss

Richard would go up to the roof of the tenements after school, lay down and look at the stars. Every night you would find him up there, it was quiet and peaceful. He would often hear all kinds of noises coming up from the street. He knew he could blank them out.Then, one night, he heard a noise he h...

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