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Badpong Ninyhump

Badpong Ninyhump, also known as the Hopping Mad Bunny, has been working in the story accumulating profession for more years than he even knows. His hobbies include hopping around, seeing new places, tasting new things, and meeting peculiar people with funny tails. When he was just a tiny little bunny, he discovered that he loved drawing pictures, and then he got hold of some paints and started painting everything. He painted his town all sorts of different colours, and as he painted he often thought of stories that he then tried to catch and put down on paper with words.


Author's Books
Leo in Loopalloo

When Leo wakes up to find his room invaded by toucans, he and his bed are suddenly marched off out of the window and into the strange land of Loopalloo, a place far beyond the imagination.As Leo makes his way to the heart of this peculiar place, he meets many interesting characters, including the Wh...

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