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Adam Baker

Adam Baker is cosmopolitan with a strong belief that the world is good place to live, if we contribute to the unite and peaceful future together. While studying political sciences in Berlin and history of arts in Salzburg, he travelled a lot and gathered experience in diverse countries and with individuals all over the world, which helped him to understand ideology and mentality of different societies and inspired to create the novel, Horror Seller, a crisis scenario of future Earth in a 1984 meets a brave new world universe.

Adam Baker is a sailor. The most interesting job he had was the excursion translator on the cruise ship. Currently, he is working on the ship as hotel controller.

Other than sailing, Adam Baker loves cosy family evenings and animals. The best time for him to spend is to get invested into a good book with a cup of strong tea in the evening.

Adam Baker
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Horror Seller

The Earth of the future has been divided into two parts—the developed World of Order and the backward World of Decadence. These worlds have abandoned contact with each other and built Walls between them. World of Order is the modern, technologically developed world, where is no crime, wars, and an...

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