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Ivana Basilotta

Born in Germany to Italian parents, a turning point came in Ivana’s life, when still in her teen years, half of her family tragically lost their lives. The immense stress and pain caused by this tragedy, compelled Ivana to question her existence. Curiosity took Ivana on a quest to explore universal knowledge and experiment with the extraordinary, leading her to discovering the unimaginable powers that humans can harness, leading to portals to other worlds.

‘What I had lived through was so far from ordinary, so far from mundane that at the time it seemed surreal. My deep curiosity brought me to discover a fuller story about myself, of this broader being that was more than this one character that I was playing in this one lifetime.’

Now based in Kensington, London, Ivana believes that we are all multi-talented and that there are no limits to what we can achieve. Influenced by diversity, Ivana likes her life to be a life of constant growth and positive changes. The story in this book is Ivana’s story, Ivana is an individual with a great desire to inspire and uplift.


Ivana Basilotta
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Brainwashed and Back

Do you ever wonder why things happen the way they do? Is there a higher intelligence I can tap into to create better outcomes? Do I truly know myself or can I reshape my personality to access superpowers?In this extraordinary journey, the author Ivana Basilotta delves into her experiences so far rem...

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