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Bernard Fredericks

Bernard Fredericks has previously written freelance, contributing a multiplicity of published articles to various magazines, newspapers, and on occasions, local radio. He was also an active member and then chairperson of a Writers Club in the Northwest, during the late eighties and into early nineties. He recently released his first book and is presently finalising completion of further scripts for future publication.



Author's Books
Fleeting Images from a Bloodied Past

Ships against the sea! Was…STILL IS, a threat to all the vessels who sail upon her, and especially so, an ever-present threat to the crews who do their duty and put their lives in harm's way. Of violent storms, tempests… All the unpredictable hell of crosswinds, headwinds and tailwinds, roaring ...

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Liverpool Kids of WWII - Part 1

The Liverpool Blitz is over…The seven-year-old boy who was evacuated in The Green Gates Story, comes home after many months away, and is faced with changes to his life: house moves, new districts, new faces…No sweets, because Mum’s used the coupons for sugar.What are bananas?What’s ice-cream...

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Liverpool Kids of WWII, Part 2

The boy was growing into youth – not yet a teenager – but was bright enough to know his country was in a war that it mustn’t lose, that his brother and uncles were also part of this deadly struggle…Melodious harmonies and helmets were heard and seen at the impromptu Christmas party his mum a...

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The Green Gates Story

There are certainly many historical accounts of wars, military experiences, and cultural reactions to politics, but many of these works lack a personal and sentimental touch to what it really feels like to endure a battle. In The Green Gates Story, Bernard Fredericks presents a historically accurate...

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