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Betsy Brittenham

Betsy Brittenham is an adventurer, a volunteer and a traveller to over 43 countries. Her passion is helping underprivileged kids learn English to create a path out of poverty. After three decades as an interior designer, renovator and builder, and a decade in fashion, she is dedicating the rest of her life to helping kids in need!

In the sweltering heat of Cambodia, in the crowded, chaotic, dusty streets of Siem Reap, there is an unwritten rule of bicycle travel. To turn left, you simply turn directly into the pandemonium of oncoming traffic, cycle as fast as you can and pray that you don’t die! The goal is to cross the oncoming traffic unscathed. The quicker you get over to the correct lane, the quicker your heart rate returns to normal. That is until the next turn. Oh, and look out for the oncoming traffic!

That is what I did with my life. Nothing was going right, so I turned left! One year, four countries, 1200 underprivileged kids…and other crazy travel stories!

Betsy Brittenham
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Good Luck for You, Good Dreams for Me!

No good story ever started with: “I checked into my five-star hotel and ordered a pina colada.” Mine starts with: “So, I’m dancing around the witch doctor’s coffin in a small village on the Thai/Myanmar border.”Grab your passport and come with me on a crazy adventure to Thailand, Cambodi...

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