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Boyd Byron

Boyd Byron has enjoyed an unusually full and happy life. Now 85, with many past careers. he spent 20 years with one large mining engineering company, and then departed (when D&GM), never to work for others again. He became an artist and sculptor, an author of 4 books, created 2 ocean going yachts, designed and constructed 4 houses, designed and cast many large carillon bells, conserved much old sculpture and historical metal objects, founded an important bamboo nursery, and an Art Foundry, created and cast some of Australia’s largest bronzes, and has written much poetry. When asked how or why, he replies, “Energy, passion, curiosity, and old age giving me longer to do it all.”

“Life is full of adventure and curiosities not many of us explore, but they are waiting to be taken up by those brave enough! Making money alone is boring:”

Boyd has founded two successful businesses, and still is busy painting large 30”+ canvasses, and managing his newly founded Art Gallery near Forster NSW. As he gets older, he still manages to enjoy most of it!

“All pastimes become creative, be it woodwork, art, sculpture, building, boats, jewellery, knitting, etc., except making more money using money, a non-creative, non-productive evil that disadvantages the poor.” Having reached the ripe old age of 85, I do not hesitate to recommend reading the book ‘Happiness’, written by Matthieu Ricard a Buddhist’s book that does not teach Buddhism.

Everyone has a responsibility to create happiness, and relationship to make the world a better place (and free of Russia’s recent contribution). Better Tsychovsky rather than Putin!

Happiness is infectious, creative, and makes the world your world also, a better place, and a little love helps. It is not an event, but a process, continuous, and creates its own awareness, being infectious!

This is a book about a family that did not believe altogether about the principles of happiness, and suffered because of it all their lives, due to inherited factors.

Boyd  Byron
Author's Books
A Dramatic Inheritance

Get ready for a whirlwind ride as this book takes you on a captivating journey through the tumultuous life of the author’s mother. Beginning with her affair with the author’s father in 1935, the story delves into the complexities of their relationship, including two abortions, familial conflicts...

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