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Brockton Moutray

Brockton Moutray lives with his wife, Sonia, and their three children, Alyssa, Adrienne, and Joseph, in beautiful Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Brockton dreams his stories and writes his dreams. He enjoys crafting magical, adventurous tales that transport readers into magical lands and introduce them to wacky and zany characters that remain with them forever and ever and ever. His wish is that his writing puts a smile on every reader’s face and that his stories teach the world the importance of friendship. Brockton is a very proud Canadian who loves to travel, exploring different corners of the world, and making new friends. He has a weakness for different foods and claims to stop eating only when his arms get tired. When he’s not writing or teaching or eating, he loves spending time with his pet dog, Louie, and his two pet cats, Tangles and Kiwi. He’s presently thinking of getting a fourth pet, maybe a peculiar parrot or a lazy lizard or a rascally raccoon or a busy beaver or a friendly frog or a grumpy goat or a plump pig or maybe a magical mouse.  

Author's Books
It Must Be a Full Moon

Would you be totally thunderstruck, slap your forehead, shake your head and stare with eyes as big as frying pans if you found a chubby mouse with floppy ears and a drooping, rumbling tummy tucked under the blankets of your warm cozy bed?  Would you scratch your head and mutter, “This just can’...

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Ma’s Apple Pie

Have you ever found yourself tossing and turning on your bed unable to get some much-needed shut-eye because the deafening silence of the night suddenly sounds like a jamboree? People snore, cats meow, crickets cry, dogs bark, birds chirp, your bed creaks, and your stomach growls. Have you ever toss...

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