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Bruno Beaches

The author is a retired police officer who has had a lot of life experience. He was married to his first wife for thirty years and they raised four children. Following a divorce, he married again and divorced just three years later. Apart from writing, he plays the piano, loves gardening and has carried out a lot of DIY building projects in his spare time. He is a ‘people person’, and has always taken a keen interest in behavioural psychology and relationships.

Author's Books

A futuristic, dystopian novel that charts the absolute division of modern society, as the majority of the population dutifully and readily accept the new medical-digital dictatorship in exchange for peace-of-mind and alleged safety. A hardcore, significant minority refuse to bow the knee to chemical...

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Consequential Urges

Pablo (From Til Death We Do Part) is still fighting to come to terms with the excruciating loss of two wives, but in his ongoing frustration, he starts to resort to violence, something he has formerly eschewed his entire life. He is a strong and powerful man, and seems to be in control to start with...

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Scrabble Babble Rabble

Four prison inmates are thrown randomly together during recreation time, to play scrabble, with the added zing of occasionally telling stories about a word on the board. The stories reveal their characters and histories, but the scrabble itself is a mere transient remission from the vagaries and har...

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Til Death We Do Part

Pablo is a hardworking, upstanding police officer, proud of his long marriage and lovely family. Through decades of quiet dedication and single-minded devotion he has achieved the successes one strives for in life, both with his family and career. Close to retirement and to sitting back and enjoying...

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Til Death We Do Part, Too

Recovering from a devastating marital failure of years earlier, Pablo meets the supernal Hellion. She seems wonderful, and it is love at first sight, and they marry quickly. However, not all is rosy in the garden, and a lifetime’s baggage rears its ugly head. Pablo’s ex-wife re-establishes cont...

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