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Fil Bufalo

Fil Bufalo has been writing forever, but only recently taken up writing in a genre she is finding hard to resist. Humorous travel narrative writing. Fil is a proud Australian, and she loves nothing more than to travel overseas, distributing tokens of Australian memorabilia to people all over the world. Fil dabbles in art, mosaics, gardening, and poetry writing. She is an extrovert who loves to have a chat with anyone who cares to listen. Lastly, Fil loves children and the ocean. In that order.

Fil Bufalo
Author's Books
A Suitcase Full of Pink Pearls

Of course, I’d shied away from traveling to Croatia! Why embrace the unknown with Venice, Nice, Rome, and Constantinople calling? I’d heard whisperings of a city dubbed the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ but had little idea where that soul-stirring nirvana might have been located. You can imagine m...

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