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Van Campen

Van Campen is concerned with human and non-human life, the environment and social cohesion. Having travelled the world, he physically experienced and survived an Exocet attack in Iran, worked under military protection in Angola during the civil war fought over diamonds and oil, witnessed the chaos of Kinshasa, walked the dirty streets of Lagos and obeyed orders to stay indoors during curfew in Abidjan when the first civil war started. He understands that economic interests will never allow democratic consultation by the people. Through this story, he offers a scientifically sound solution to end the Congo conflict over mineral resources.

Author's Books
The Brussels Lobby

The race for limitless energy takes a dramatic turn. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), under construction in France, aims to replicate the sun’s helium fusion process using a Tokamak. However, the project faces significant delays.Amidst these delays, a French start-up ac...

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Corona Crisis: Nature Strikes Back

What is the relationship between Congo, Corona Virus and Mobile Phones?Cause and effect! Yes, they are interconnected and interdependent!Scientists can show us that the root cause of the corona virus is political and financial control. This harmful behaviour causes: Poverty, corruption, geopolitics...

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