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Carmel Liddell

Carmel Liddell’s first children’s book, The Beachmaster, was published in 2006. Her stories about flawed characters and pets behaving badly are told with great affection, humour and compassion. Reggie Carstairs: Behind Closed Eyes is her first adult fiction novel. Carmel lives with her husband in Sydney, Australia.

Author's Books
Abbie Brown: On the Cusp

Abbie Brown kicks off her 34th year with an unexpected splash of fame: her Santorini vacation snap, featuring her in a vibrant yellow bikini atop a donkey, is plastered on billboards across London. (For clarity, the bikini is on Abbie, not the donkey!) Riding this wave of newfound celebrity, she lan...

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Love and Kisses, Pauline xxx

In a series of letters, Pauline tells how her plea for forgiveness and a frisky rabbit reunite her with Dorothy, Gwen and Freddie, her Australian schoolmates from the 1960s. They thought they knew one another inside out but what happens next, takes them by surprise. No longer bound by the constraint...

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Reggie Carstairs: Behind Closed Eyes

After ten years living with Charles Carstairs and Charles’ maid, Winifred, in the penthouse of Belvedere Mansions Knightsbridge, eleven-year-old dachshund, Reggie, is in a reflective mood. He’s endured a rocky relationship with Winifred, (who doesn’t like dogs), and successfully plots to r...

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Short Stories A-Z

This collection includes fiction, fantasy, and horror stories, all underpinned by humour. So, whilst eavesdropping on the hearts and minds of the protagonists within, feel free to chuckle as you cheer the goodies and boo the baddies. Or vice-versa… None of the characters is drop-dead gorgeous, ha...

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