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Celia Brown

Celia Brown is a Professor of Medical Education at Warwick Medical School. One of her favourite activities is reading to her son, hoping to inspire a love of reading. The hours she spends reading to him inspired her to take up the challenge of authoring a book herself. Celia is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador, leading outreach events in local schools and at the University of Warwick to share her other passion – mathematics and statistics. Celia is also a keen cyclist, getting inspiration for her work while out in the countryside.

Celia Brown
Author's Books
There's a Plane on my Pyjamas

Claire makes good use of the plane on her pyjamas, jetting off to explore new places after her Mum kisses her goodnight. Last night she flew off to Kisumu in Kenya! After looking at all the animals in the Great Rift Valley, she meets a boy called Kioko who welcomes her into his very different-lookin...

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Vi and Vincent the Jibber Jabbers

Amy’s off to get a vaccine today but her big brother isn’t impressed, as he wanted to stay home and play. But suddenly the vaccine starts talking to him – and him alone. Join us for a stimulating and enthralling journey to discover just how vaccines work and how they can keep so many of us saf...

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