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Christopher Whybrow

Christopher Whybrow was born in London in 1955 into a family of thirteen as the eighth child. His father was an electrician and his mother was a busy, very busy, housewife. The author became a telephone technician and worked for British Telecom for 15 years. At the age of 31, he moved to Austria with his Austrian wife and two-year-old son, Robert, doing various jobs. One being a language trainer while he learnt the German language. He worked then mainly on construction sites abroad and in Austria.

After injuring a shoulder at the age of 54 he was refined to being at home for a longer period of time where he, in the peace and quiet of the day, had time to play with his thoughts (over God and the world). Eventually, he put his thoughts down on paper, to create his first book, My Soul’s Human Experience, for us to enjoy here.

Christopher Whybrow
Author's Books
My Soul’s Human Experience

This book is a soul-searching journey based on the author’s personal experiences and observations. Through introspection during quiet moments, the author grapples with the complexities of the world and seeks to understand the meaning of life, our origins, and our purpose. The book features poems, ...

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