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Christine Clarke

From a young age, Christine’s deep connection with God played a significant role in her life. Alongside her spirituality, she found joy in writing, though insecurities held her back, delaying her pursuit of publication for seven decades. As a Baby Boomer, she faced the challenges of a time when left-handed dyslexics were often deemed incapable by educators; as a result, her numerous manuscripts remained unseen. Yet, this year, with unwavering support from the Holy Spirit, Christine’s resilience blossomed. It was in this newfound strength that ‘The Two Small Angels’ came into being.

Christine Clarke
Author's Books
Minuet and Adorart

Minuet and Adorart, our two celestial companions, yearn to descend to Earth and aid its inhabitants. Yet, before embarking on this noble mission, they must first seek approval from the Archangels. Sceptical of their capacity for such a monumental task, the higher celestial beings convene to delibera...

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