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Conrad Pichler

Born in Austria in 1942 during World War 2, Conrad Pichler, at the age of seven, along with the family returned to Italy where they had come from 10 years earlier.

He had his early schooling and two years of commercial schooling in Italy.

Moreover, Conrad joined the Italian army for 15 months. Then, he went to a computer programming school in Dusseldorf, Germany and got a job in a German engineering company. He stayed there for one and a half years.

After that, he secured a job in a Swiss Multinational company where he stayed for 30 years – a good job to see the world.

At the age of 55, he left the Swiss company and went to Peru (has a Peruvian wife) where he created a Real Estate company. After seven years, the Peruvian Government cancelled his residence permit. After inquiries, the government said, “We didn’t cancel it, the computer did.”

So I just left, having seen the place. Peru is a poor but interesting country.

Conrad Pichler
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Dive into The King of Jesolo and Other Short Stories as the author navigates a vivid mosaic of adventures across the globe. From unexpected friendships formed in distant lands to seemingly harmless escapades that take unforeseen turns, each tale offers a unique glimpse into the world’s diverse tap...

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