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Conrad Ralph

CONCLUDING THIS BOOK With a few details of my sometimes dangerous, exciting life: Born May 1932 with English-father, Welsh-mother who both worked in London. So was raised by my grandparents in Newport / South Wales with much love and care. I was so happy and proud to be Welsh and love my family. N.B.: Lucky me, I had a good English master who gave me a book, Book of Verse for Boys and Girls on leaving school at 14 years of age. Take it with you Hughes; you show promise in future. I still have it. So working in all sorts of jobs e.g. paper boy, milk boy, factory jobs, I was unhappy. Joined the cadets, did a gliding course and passed, it was great. Studied engines, made models, shooting, flying at weekend camps at R.A.F. stations. At 18 years I ran away from home and took the King's shilling at Royal Air Force, Cardington 1950. My new life began! Money in my pocket, smart uniform, now it was fantastic for me. Being Welsh I liked to sing and I still do. After basic training went on courses and posted to R.A.F. stations in Britain, then sent Overseas. At R.A.F. Gibraltar, I flew a lot in different aircraft. One night I laid an emergency flarepath so that 3 American aircraft could land as so short of fuel. As I was lighting the flares the last one's motors cut and he just missed me as I went flat down on the runway. He went right over me! But it was good to get them down instead of them ditching down into the sea and all the aircrew drowning. I was commended for my action. But it was my duty. I became an instructor and so on. Later, I fell in love with a lovely girl, married, we had a son. Got a salesman job, promoted manager, lots of travel, a nice house, studied, became Master Photographer, own studios, also a military studio, instructor at camps with the T.A. Adopted two boys (brothers) from Nepal - Gurkhas, Mani and Chandra Rai, trained them as photographers. They and their families call me grandfather (baje). I am so proud of them. They live and serve in England now. We have been in Nepal. Lots of travel - New Zealand, USA, Malaysia, South Africa and so on. I could go on forever - lots and lots of stories. I write, teach 'Englisch' with British culture. Now 78 years old with great memories and lot more to do for her Majesty and Austria. I DID IT MY WAY. To Ingrid for inspiration and fantastic help in producing this book. For all to read and maybe concern those that care for others.

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