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Dalmaine Maria Pedro

Dalmaine Pedro is a retired female who lives alone in a flat. She used to keep dogs and loved doing a variety of dog sports with them. She has no animals at the moment. She used to live in Johannesburg, South Africa and used to regularly work out at the local gym. Her favourite workout was swimming in a heated pool. There is no pool in Vredenburg where she lives now. She moved to Vredenburg in the cape after living in Johannesburg for 22 years. She has met and rekindled old friendships and made new friend.

Dalmaine Maria Pedro
Author's Books
Fallen Through The Cracks

Press your chin hard against your throat. Now turn your head to the left and lift your left shoulder until it touches your ear. Keep your chin against your throat, your left ear against your left shoulder, contract your neck and shoulder muscles as tightly as you can and hold it like that for the re...

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