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Daniel Joseph de Cruz

Daniel is a colourful character, neither black nor white; he is a warm golden brown with purplish pink spots! Born to mixed race parents, he grew up in the diverse community of Islington, North London. Daniel studied psychology at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne where the most important lesson he learnt was this—black and white is best when it is united. Daniel went on to have lots of boring office jobs, which mostly involved filing, before he became a Beaver Scout leader and a swimming instructor which is much more fun. Daniel hopes that one day people will be able to stop categorizing and labelling each other and learn how to enjoy life, living together as friends, and making the world a more beautiful place for everybody to live in.

Author's Books
Oh! The Hoops You Go Through

“Have you ever wondered where people go when they die?” The King asked his wife.But Queen Daisy never thought of such questions. For her, paradise was right where she was; with her husband, King Heeyah Cruz II, and her son, Prince Gunther Groen-Cruz the First.But when disaster struck, she desper...

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The Cruces Crises

The Cruces have a crisis, an environmental crisis. Everyone wants the latest stuff, but it comes at a cost – pollution! The King sends his son out to find a new land where he can rebuild his kingdom. The Prince knows he must do the right thing, but when two cultures collide, he is left facing a c...

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