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David Gerrelli

David Gerrelli is a global director of technology with practical experience in the fields of innovation, data science, emerging technologies, and global enterprise platforms. With new and emerging technologies, a large part of David’s role is research and development. Winning national awards for digital innovation in Australia, David started life in the rolling hills of Surrey, South England. From there, David worked in Sydney, Australia for six years before eventually moving to the sunny southern city of Dallas, Texas.

Having had brushes with death through disease and addiction in David’s early years, he became obsessed with what would await him once he drew his final breath. Decades later, David would apply his 25+ years of experience working in a field steeped in logic and science and apply these skills to years of research in the field of Near-Death Experiences. The research, tainted by David’s own guilt, would take on a life of its own, revealing a dark and sinister aspect of this surprisingly common phenomenon.

What started as a journey of light would lead David down a path to the very depths of Hell. The author’s rollercoaster of fear and horror would find grounding in the universal concepts of reason, science, and logic. David would apply his decades of experience within data science and analytics to cross-reference thousands of witness accounts into cohesive observations and logical conclusions, without the bias of religion or personal belief.

David studied this field and wrote this book with an open mind, and he hopes you will join him on this journey with the same open mind and childlike curiosity.

Author's Books
How to Escape from Hell

How to Escape from Hell: Studies & Interpretations of the Afterlife explores one of humanities most important questions, “What happens when we die, what is Hell, and am I going there?”A near-death experience (NDE) is a profound personal experience associated with death or impending death. It is ...

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