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David J Dawkins

David J Dawkins is a chef and an artist working in glass and ceramics. He has serious concerns about climate change and the loss of our natural world. This book is the first one of a series of books about the adventures of the Six Macs. In each book, there is an environmental message. In the fifth book, The Six Macs become eco-warriors. The author believes these books are his contribution towards the fight against the way we are treating our world.

The messages in the book are very light, making his books fun to read.

Author's Books
The Six Macs and the Bell of Souls

After surviving a plane crash, the Six Macs find themselves in a snowy Himalayan wilderness where they discover the village of a secretive mountain tribe who show them the way to a temple run by kung-fu nuns.The nuns tell them that the mountain tribe must be kept secret and that they can tell no one...

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The Six Macs and the Purple Orb

The Six Macs, while camping, find a snail with a purple light in its shell. Flyer MacHigher is visited by Jack of the wood (The Green Lady) in her dream. Jack calls the snail a Purple Orb, she asks Flyer to return it to an underground lake in her sacred wood. The lake is where all the Purple Orbs li...

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The Six Macs and the Slime Monster from Loch Ness

Thrusting their arms into the air with clenched fists they shout, "The Six Macs". Scruffy MacTuffy had no ideas that his nightmare was about to almost come true. Meeting for a fishing trip could have been a bad idea after their biggest catch got away, but what was it that got away? The Six Macs expl...

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