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David N. Te'Kannon

Having a wide experience in a range of trade-related, artisanal and creative professions and interests, David N. Te’Kannon is a university graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology. Beginning with the aim of being a doctor and heading for a Bachelor of Science degree, the medical profession’s allure quickly faded after a brief stint of working in a hospital on a laboratory experiment. The dream of becoming a sculptor and a painter took hold and after setting up several studios and producing some stone and wood sculptures and creating a unique style in oil paintings, it eventually morphed into having a go at a career in pop music as a singer/songwriter. He has juggled day jobs of all sorts along the way, eventually conceding to the fact that it is a challenge to live off of one’s creative talents. A prolific songwriter, his only single was picked up by PolyGram Records as a distribution deal. The follow-up single was not to be, thereby putting the music career on hold ever since. Sculpture, painting and drawing, however, continue to be a source of inspiration and activity, with several self-published art books on, for example.

Writing a book on an economic operating system that could one day replace the current capitalist system is another example of attempting to try for a new challenge and this time especially not in his main field of interest(s). The Treatise of Teknomix is a book aimed at the general public as well as the academic world i.e. laypeople like himself right up to the top economists, because it deals with the very intriguing idea of a fairer economic operating model suited to our present needs and conditions, guaranteeing each individual person an equal chance to reach his dream job or lofty ambition without financial compensation being the main reward.

David N. Te'Kannon
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