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Liam B. Dei

As a young boy, Liam B. Dei and his friends had a few games they played together, in empty fields, the things they would do is set traps besides other sports they used to play. To break the boredom of time, they would walk the streets and seek out different schools. All in all, he had a great time with his friends.

These stories are from dreams long past and yet remain in my mind so he thought he would share them with the literary world and find out what is thought about them.


Author's Books
Dumping Grounds

We all have a dark place in our subconscious that comes out only in dreams as nightmares. To write them down is to capture them and give insight to the trepidation we can instill in others. The darkness is a deep, inky black. It’s a place where our fears take root and grow. It’s a place where we...

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The Web

In a celestial realm of five planets orbiting four suns, echoes of a bygone civilization wait to be unearthed. The revelation comes when archaeologists stumble upon an enigmatic probe amidst ancient ruins. As they pry open this time capsule, they unveil the chilling tale of a civilization vanished, ...

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