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Diamond Lover

Didier Jégaden—Diamond Lover is a French writer, born in Morlaix in France. He was very much in love since the beginning with his life. He had a passion for all types of trees early. As a teenager, he had a good aptitude to run a long way, his passion about trees became his profession when he chose a job: to learn cabinet-making, marquetry and sculpture.

He did a lot of different jobs but always worked with wood. He moved to the United States at the age of thirty-two to live the American Dream with an American, Dr. Laurie Hill Jégaden. He did not even suspect any talents as a writer. Well, he tried to make his own website in 2008 and the artworks become more astonishing with one rewarding experience one by one. It was not until the end of 2016 that he tried to see if he was able to write a long story that he finally saw that anything is possible, it was magic! A lot of discoveries of artifacts found by himself in nature often became a good part of his inspiration…

The Artworks: drawings and wooden works in the book were made by him too.

Diamond Lover
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