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Don Kakriki

Most people would describe Don Kakriki’s past as being colourful, but when Don looks back, he sees it as being very colourless, lots of black and whites fading into shades of justifying greys.

He has written this story that represents twenty-plus years of the new chapter in his life, a new chapter where he has spent the majority of his time working with disadvantaged and at risk youth.

In both these chapters, Don has witnessed the darker side of life, and his hope is that readers of his story will come to see the relevance and need for society to place greater value and importance in positive interventions into disadvantaged young lives, interventions that will lead them to ladders, rather than snakes.

Don Kakriki
Author's Books
Terminal Descent

In Terminal Descent, the fine line between ambition and obsession blurs, as the magnetic pull of wealth and the libertine allure of promiscuity weave a culture veering on the precipice of moral decay. The path once tread in pursuit of lofty ladders now morphs into dark, enigmatic alleys leading to a...

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